Thanks to those who
have shared their stories,
facts, and memories
to help bring
this tribute to life.

ship photo

sailor photo

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* Unable to obtain this book. This is the only book or manuscripts not read or studied.

** This book is highly recommended with excerpts from Introduction and Dedication below:

“I wrote Desert Sailor to salute the "white hats" of the regular navy,
the enlisted men who volunteered in peacetime, especially those who served in the Pineapple Fleet.
I wanted to convey some idea of what everyday life was like for the young men
who were ambushed at Pearl Harbor, and to trace how some of the survivors fared
through the long war of the Pacific…….
My second motive was to challenge a few of the distortions or omissions
in the historical version of the Pacific war……
This books honors the sailors and marines……who shared a memorable part of my life……
…. I did not know most of my shipmates as personal friends,
but a few of us are aware of a special bond which is strong enough
to keep us in contact even today”…. James W. Fitch (survivor USS Northampton)
© 2000 James Fitch, printed with permission.

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