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Margaret Bucklew, quilter, author, lecturer,
and educator has written this step-by-step book
to share the technical
as well as creative aspects of a portrait art quilt.

As suggested by Bob Phillips, on his
syndicated television show, Texas Country Reporter, “these are not your grandmother’s quilts”.
With needle and thread these
quilts become a work of art.

With 25 years of teaching graphics at the college level,
this recipient of numerous teaching awards explains
in simple terms, her techniques to achieve success.

This book is well written and organized so even a
beginner quilter can create truly realistic photographic
representation in fabric. The theme throughout
the book is, “you can do it”, and you can!

Each quilt is comprised of many small pieces of fabric
cut and appliquéd to complete the amazing quilt.

In addition, Margaret shares her “twist” to the
appliqué/quilting process to generate a
time saving effect.



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This book is both in print and ready for your ereader.

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