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            Portrait Quilts                       

                Triumphant Teamwork

                                    Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Expedition portrait quilt

                        Sail Easy           

                                    WWII Veteran Sherman E. Walgren portrait quilt - USS Northampton

                        Monroe’s Finest

                                    Third generation law enforcement officer portrait quilt

                        Yellow Owl

                                    Native American (Mandan Tribe) portrait quilt

                        Whispers Like the Wind

                                    Native American woman portrait quilt


                                    Rancher portrait quilt

                        Southern Generals

                                    Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson portrait quilt


                                    Reginald McCullar, USAF, United States Air Force, my father, portrait quilt


            Scripture Quilts

                        Fruit of the Spirit

                                    Galatians 5:22-23 quilt

                        Man's All

                                    Ecclesiastes 12:13 quilt

            Patriotic Quilts

Silent Sentry

A fallen military hero quilt - helmet on rifle in boots, with dog tags

Final Salute

Silence and respect for fallen military quilt - United States Air Force Honor Guard, USAF

Torch of Glory

Laying Old Glory to rest quilt - USN, United States Navy flag burning ceremony

Camo Combatant

Unknown, unidentified, but not forgotten - United States Army or Marine quilt

With Gratitude

Quilt donated to Operation Homefront Quilts

Support and Defend

Oath given by military personnel quilt

Whatever it Takes

Personal commitment military quilt


            Fuzzy Quilts

Snowy Egret
Beauty of birds in the swamp quilt

First Touch
Baby hand holding adult hand quilt

Bamboo Baby
Panda quilt

Close up of puppy quilt

Horse quilt

Kitten quilt

Kanopy Delight
Giraffe munching on leaves quilt

Furry cat quilt


            Western Quilts


                                    Cowboy twirling handle bar mustache quilt

                        Saturday Nite

                                    High stepper quilt - close up of boots and spurs

                        Dusty Trail

                                    High in the saddle quilt - close up of boots and spurs


Folds of the US Flag

                                    Flag folding movie - meaning of the folds in the US flag



Final resting place, salute to military buried in Arlington National Cemetery

McCullar movie

Dedicated to USAF, ret. Reginald McCullar

            Sail Easy

                        Sherman E. Walgren portrait quilt - USN, United States Navy         

            Sailing Home Poem

                        Original poem by Sherman Walgren, written aboard USS Northampton, 1942

Northampton Navigation


                        Welcome to Texas

                                    Spirit of Texas newspaper article and welcome to Texas movie

                        Mayor proclaims Sherman Walgren Day


                                                Northwest Explorer newspaper article

                                                Arizona Daily Star newspaper article

                        Sail Easy Movie

                                    Tribute to Sherman Walgren, Ernest Parsons and USS Northampton & Crew         

                        Sailing Home Poem Movie

                                    The Making of the Poem and The Poem movies

                        Sail Easy quilt

                                    Sail Easy portrait quilt

                        Dave Hughes, Sr.

                                    Photos of shipmate USS Northampton

                        Heroes movie

                                    USN tribute movie - United States Navy

                        In Memory

                                    Tribute to Walter Jones, shipmate USS Northampton


                                    Suggested reading about USS Northampton

                        Ernest Dean Parsons Tribute

                                    Born 12-1-1923, Died 12-1-1942


                        Gilbert Gia’s, A Military Life

                                    USS Northampton article

                        Your Name by Edgar Guest

                                    Recited by Sherman Walgren

                        Sail Easy presents autobiography to Mayor

                                    Arizona Daily Star newspaper article

                        Northampton Crew Lost at Sea

                                    List of crew members

                        Buy the book location

                                    Sail Easy in Peace and War


Online class coming soon

Watch this short sample screencast movie for an idea of what to expect from the class.

Lecture and workshop information

See one quilter's thoughts on learning a new technique and a visit to their guild.


Before/after quilt movie

Applique Patterns

Snowy Egret
Beauty of birds in the swamp quilt

First Touch
Baby hand holding adult hand quilt

Bamboo Baby
Panda quilt

Close up of puppy quilt

Horse quilt

Kitten quilt

Applique Kits

Snowy Egret
Beauty of birds in the swamp quilt

First Touch
Baby hand holding adult hand quilt

Bamboo Baby
Panda quilt

Horse quilt

Kitten quilt


Landscape Quilting

Landscape quilt using same technique as portrait quilts

Stitching Patterns

            Stock Pantographs (listed below) Custom pantograph patterns available

All a Flutter - Butterflies fluttering over grassy field pantograph pattern

Scaring Crows - Scarecrow with crow on fence pantograph pattern

Babies in Heaven - Baby angels on clouds, with cat pantograph pattern

Barn Dance - Horses inside barn, windmill & river pantograph pattern

At the Movies - Popcorn box, tickets and cups pantograph pattern

Iris Flutter - Iris flowers pantograph pattern

Bees 'n Thistles - Bees flying through thistles pantograph pattern

Dancing Daffodills - Easy daffodills pantograph pattern

Flor - Easy flower pantograph pattern

Acorns - Acorns and leaves pantograph pattern

Butterbees - Butterflies and bees pantograph pattern

Albequerque - Hot air balloons ascending pantograph pattern

Scardee Cats - Easy cat pattern

Love Birds - Birds and frilly leaves with corner pantograph pattern

Sweetheart Fleur - Easy heart and fleur pantograph pattern

Texas Bluebonnets - Easy bluebonnet pantograph pattern

Chocolate Swirls - Easy circular swirls pantograph pattern

Check Mate - Easy game of chess (in progress) pantograph pattern

The Pumpkin Farm - Pumpkins and leaves pantograph pattern

Graduation Day - Cap and diploma pantograph pattern, with word GRAD

My First Car - Easy sports car pantograph pattern

Surfer Dude - Surfer riding a wave pantograph pattern

Baby Cakes - Baby holding stuffed animal pantograph pattern

Baby Shoes - Baby shoes pantograph pattern

Noblefur Christmas - Christmas decorations hanging from noble fur tree branch pantograph pattern

My Best Friend - Dog with collar pantograph pattern

Spiral Seahorses - Seahorse pantograph pattern

Soaring Above - Birds in flight pantograph pattern

Casfleur - Free form pantograph pattern

Leafy Hearts - Frilly hearts pantograph pattern

Candlelight and Roses - Rose petal and candle pantograph pattern

Churning Waves - Flowing waves pantograph pattern

Scallops - Scalloped edge pantograph pattern

Lost Earrings - Earring shapes pantograph pattern

Free pantograph pattern - Sprinkles - easy watering can and meandering pantograph pattern


            Continuous line block patterns

Stop to Smell the Roses - each block is a rose with different centers - continuous line

Heart Rose, Gingerbread Rose, Star Rose, Bunny Rose, Kitty Rose, Bird Rose, Pumpkin Rose,

Hand Rose, Apple Rose, Texas Rose, Angel Rose, Basket Rose, Sewing Rose,, Teapot Rose, Butterfly Rose


Variety Pack - conintuous line block patterns

Snowflake, Starburst, Iris, Butterfly flutter, Scarecrow, Heaven, Barn, thistles, Popcorn, Daffodill, Flor,

Acorns, Flyin', Spring, Cottage


America - continuous line patriotic patterns

Eagle, Torch of Liberty, Linking Stars, USA, USA, USA, Wings 'n Stars, Stripes 'n Stars, Wings,

USA Wave, Liberty Crown, Freedom Stars, Memorial Day, Proudly Wave, Ribbon Pride,

Hearts 'n Stars, Never Forget


            Ingredients for successful commission - how to order a portrait quilt


            Artist bio


                        WC Messenger Newspaper article

            Lay of the land






Videos of various quilting subjects and book promo

Visit the Video Center Library to watch videos 


            Pr flyer html

                        Promotional flyer of lecture and workshops

            Pr flyer pdf

                        Downloadable promotional flyer of lecture and workshops

            CBS Inspiring People

                        Audio/Video featuring Margaret Bucklew on CBS

            Texas Country Reporter and RFD-TV

                        Segment featuring Margaret Bucklew portrait quilts on syndicated TV shows

Step by Step Portrait Art Quilts by Margaret Bucklew

Book on how to make portrait quilts. Patterns included.


Unsung Heroes CD
Webcast movies from website



                        Online Art Gallery featuring Margaret Bucklew quilts

            Electronic Cottage

                        Online Art Gallery featuring Margaret Bucklew quilts



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Prairie Schoolhouse*
Produced/Directed by Phillip Bucklew
"And Awaken"
"Heart Warming"
"Sleep & Then"

"A Big Hard World"
Written and performed by Derek R. Audette (C) MMIV (Socan)

Step by Step*
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"Sock Hop"
"Malt Shop Bob"

Mind Gremlins*
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"Deliberate Thought"
"Majestic Hills"

If Only...*
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"Stages of Grief"

Trails of Thread*
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"Somewhere Sunny"
"Mister Exposition"

Hi-Tech Applique*
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"Shiney Tech"
"Tech Talk"

Produced/Directed by Phillip Bucklew

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Tears in the Trees
Produced/Directed by Phillip Bucklew
  “Tears in the Forest”
Orginal work-- Written & Performed by
  Jimmy G (

Music (blog):

 by : Kevin MacLeod
“Easy Jam”
“Nothing Broken”
“Olde Timey”
“Simple Duet”
“Somewhere Sunny”
“Pennsylvania Rose” (with added sound effects)

by: Jimmy G

“Tears in the Forrest”
“A New Day with Strings”

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