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Quilting Lectures and Workshops
The quilting lecture includes
design techniques and tips,
overview of how to make
custom patterns, webcast movies,
and a trunk show.

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One Hour Lecture

Lecture includes:
Trunk Show
Brief overview of technique
Webcast movies

8 1/2"x11" flyer provided
prior to the lecture date.

Necessities for Lecture
(provided by host)
• Screen or blank wall for projection.
• 1 table for a computer and projector
• 2 tables for samples/sales.


Travel: Host responsible for travel expenses, meals,
and hotel accommodations.

Sales: Lecture and workshops may have instruction sheets, patterns, book, kits etc. available for sale.

A written contract will contain specifics
for the event.

College Educational Awards:
Outstanding Faculty Award 2007 -
Excellence in Teaching
NISOD Excellence in Teaching 2003
NISOD Excellence in Teaching 2004
Chancellor's Award for
Exemplary Teaching Nominee 2003
Chancellor's Award for
Exemplary Teaching Nominee 2004
Numerous internal educational awards

Award winning quilts


2 Workshops Available

5 Hour
Technique Workshop

(up to 20 students, $10. per additional student
max. 25 students)

Includes the
Personal Photo Option of
working with your own photo.
Not all photos are suitable for this technique.
Additional cost for creating the custom pattern
Photo must be received 45 days prior to workshop

This is a techniques workshop.
Pattern provided or select the
Personal Photo Option.
Kits available

The timeframe of this workshop does
not allow for a completed quilt;
however, techniques learned will inspire you to
create your own personal memory quilt.
. . .

5 Hour
Create Your Own
Custom Pattern Workshop

(up to 20 students, $20. per additional student
max. 22 students)

Learn to create your own custom patterns.
Step-by-step instructions on creating and editing
your photo to produce a pattern for your memory quilt.
Individual help!
This workshop is for beginners through advanced.
You can do it!

Digital photo, computer/laptop with software &
printer is necessary for this workshop.USB Thumb/flash
drive to transfer file also required. I do not provide
computer, software, printer, or flash drive.
Local library or college may provide space in
their computer lab
for the workshop (free of charge)

8 1/2"x11" flyer and
supply list provided prior to the workshop date.


Learning is just about
putting the pieces together!

Drag the pieces to complete the puzzle
or hit the panic button.

It's just that easy!

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