(Aviation Machinist Mate)

For Our Friend,

Special thanks to
Dave Hughes, Sr.,
USS Northampton CA 26 onboard on Cruise to
Australasia July 16, 1941 until November 30, 1942, survivor.

On November 4, 2004 we personally met Dave, and his lovely wife Dorothy at
their beautiful home near Houston. What a privilege and an honor to meet, for
the first time in person, a shipmate
of my uncle.

Dave?s nickname is "Happy Dave" a name that fits him to a "T". We have never
met a man that has such a cheerful disposition and
positive outlook and
attitude about life. We have shared countless emails and phone conversations
with Dave, upon the
conclusion of each we have a smile on our faces, and a
special glow in our heart for this
remarkable person.

Thanks for all the wonderful stories you have shared.
Please tell all the guys
at the coffee shop to lift a mug of brew to Dave and send the bill for the
first round to us.


Hughs photo

David K. Hughes, Sr.

Photo taken right after my ship was sunk the night of
November 30 and the morning of December 1, 1942.
At the time I was AMM 3/C in the "V" Division
aboard the USS Northampton (heavy cruiser) CA26.

On this day of November 5, 2004 given to
Margaret and Phillip Bucklew, my friends!!

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